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Before you check out Do you have a Fishing Pole Hidden Behind The Seat of Your Car? Get this AMAZING Rod & Reel today! Only $69.95

All Metal & Carbon Fiber Rod & Reel

This is NOT your father’s Wal-Mart Poll

These all metal carbon fiber rods are the best rods you’ll ever find for fit and comfort, travel and conceal, extend and fish. Take this rod and real anywhere, hide it under your car seat, in your brief case, in the diaper bag, or yes, even in  your fishing bag. Of course, nobody will want to hide this beauty anywhere, you’ll want to hide it in plain site, where all your pals can see this amazing masterpiece of craftsmanship. Get your life-time warranty carbon fiber and steel fishing rod & smooth spinning cast reel today, dazzle your friends, and smash it with the fish!
In Stock Carbon Fiber Rod & Reel #1 Price: $149.95 Sale: $69.95 Free Shipping (US Orders) You Save: $80.00 (Over 50% Off! (Only one per customer)
No, but thanks anyway, I’m happy with just my two fishing lurers & magazine subscription.
Yes, WOW! This is sweet! Add it to my order, only $69.95! Free shipping (In the USA)