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Hook, Line & Sinker, Since 1998


Why we do this… Cool water, warm sun, fresh air, alone with my dad. Priceless moments spent fishing with my father are the best memories I have in life.   My son, my daughter, now it’s my turn to create memories of a lifetime for them, and for me. Silence the cell phones, shut off the TV, set down the game controller, and start making your own photo gallery of memories? Mom, dad, sister or brother, there is no one who doesn’t love fishing, now is the time to start making memories the old fashion way, by spending quality time together, doing something everyone loves. Take the time to create real experiences, off the grid, and outside the boob-tube, it’s something you’ll never regret.


Happiness Guarantee We guarantee your happiness, if for any reason you are not satisfied with something you purchased from, you have a full 30 days to return it for a complete refund of the purchase price, no questions asked, or feel free to trade it for any other item in our inventory, we’ll just take the difference in price into consideration. Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty We warranty all, or anything you purchase from from manufacturers defects. If anything you ever purchase from FishingHole does not perform up to standard, due to a manufacturer’s defect, we’ll trade it out for a similar product of equal, or better value.  Sorry, warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, that’s something we totally expect you to do!  Wear it out baby!